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Compliance Program

Corruption is defined for the purpose of the anti-corruption program of ATRAK a.s. as an act leading to misuse of a position or office for personal benefit contrary to the legal order, ethical principles and to the detriment of organizations in/for which the corrupting individual operates.


ATRAK a.s. decided to join the anti-corruption program with the aim to:

  • Minimize corruption risk in ATRAK a.s. business operations
  • Prevent corruption risks inside the Company while providing products and services for the company
  • As a major Czech industrial enterprise, give an example how to prevent unethical behavior and corruption


The ATRAK a.s. anti-corruption program consists of the following parts:

  • Ethical code of conduct for the ATRAK a.s. employees, a part of which deals with public tenders
  • Ethical line to be used by anyone who wishes to report a corruptive or unethical action in connection with ATRAK a.s.
  • A set of processes and measures to evaluate corruption risks designed in line with the company business, employee groups or differences in markets where ATRAK a.s. operates.

The ATRAK a.s. anti-corruption program is carried out in cooperation with the Czech branch of Transparency International. We make the maximum effort to reflect requirements of the Defense Companies Anti-Corruption Index established by the Transparency International in Great Britain. The ATRAK a.s. anti-corruption program is available to all company employees as well as to general public, including our suppliers, dealers, customers, media and self-government bodies in the Czech Republic and on all markets in the world where ATRAK a.s. operates.