Compliance Program

Corruption is defined for the purpose of the anti-corruption program of ATRAK a.s. as an act leading to misuse of a position or office for personal benefit contrary to the legal order, ethical principles and to the detriment of organizations in/for which the corrupting individual operates.


ATRAK a.s. decided to join the anti-corruption program with the aim to:

  • Minimize corruption risk in ATRAK a.s. business operations
  • Prevent corruption risks inside the Company while providing products and services for the company
  • As a major Czech industrial enterprise, give an example how to prevent unethical behavior and corruption


The ATRAK a.s. anti-corruption program consists of the following parts:

  • Ethical code of conduct for the ATRAK a.s. employees, a part of which deals with public tenders
  • Ethical line to be used by anyone who wishes to report a corruptive or unethical action in connection with ATRAK a.s.
  • A set of processes and measures to evaluate corruption risks designed in line with the company business, employee groups or differences in markets where ATRAK a.s. operates.

The ATRAK a.s. anti-corruption program is carried out in cooperation with the Czech branch of Transparency International. We make the maximum effort to reflect requirements of the Defense Companies Anti-Corruption Index established by the Transparency International in Great Britain. The ATRAK a.s. anti-corruption program is available to all company employees as well as to general public, including our suppliers, dealers, customers, media and self-government bodies in the Czech Republic and on all markets in the world where ATRAK a.s. operates.

ATRAK's full code of ethics can be found in the following Document
ATRAK Supplier Code of Conduct