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Operational analytics and planning is key in the current European airspace since the Single European Sky scheme requires the tracking and reporting of several KPIs from Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to Eurocontrol (EU commission 390/2013). Furthermore, with a 2.8% increase in European flights in 2018 resulting in ever more crowded airspace, managing the traffic efficiently require new tools to enhance the operations of ANSPs, to perform them: safely, ecologically and efficiently.

The ANSPs generate and receive a substantial amount of data every day. For example, ATRAK is processing circa 20 million records per day in the Czech Republic FIR alone.

By exploring operational data, ANSPs can:

  • Get a concise picture from the vast amount of operational data and to benchmark decisions
  • Enhance operational insights drawn from the data by merging it with other sources
  • Investigate what occurs in the network and which areas can be improved
  • Assess the effects of future decisions and forecast evolutions of the operations


  • Accessible locally and globally
  • Secured access
  • Integrated into ATCO systems
  • Customizable solution
  • International localization
  • Cost - effective
  • Data distribution and sharing
  • Operational / financial forecasting and optimisation
  • For all platforms (desktop / mobile devices)


  • Tracking of daily operations
  • Situation of the operations and benchmarking on rolling periods (Month on month, Year on year)
  • Key Performance Indicators integration


  • Investigate ways of improving the operations of the network
  • Identify areas of business growth


  • Assess decisions with hypothesis and scenarios
  • Evaluate, forecast and project evolution of operations
  • Model airspace and capacity

Our Operational Statistics integrate System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept for strengthened business operations