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Aeronautical Billing

Aeronautical Billing provides the only proven fully integrated solution for Air Navigation Service Providers, delivering a cost effective and powerful billing and revenue management solution.


The ATRAK-AB system is the culmination of many years of development and collaboration with Air Navigation Service Providers, working within the aviation industry, and fully understanding the technical and financial constraints to ensure maximum return on capital investment made through billing of flight traffic and ground services. The result is a system that is cost-effective, highly scalable, which increases efficiency and productivity by significantly improving cash-flow through the automated generation of highly accurate invoicing of flights and services. ATRAK-AB is fully compliant with the Eurocontrol Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) and IATA collection service.


Designed by flight charging financial experts, ATRAK–AB is a fully automated billing system that collects, filters data from surveillance, airports, and flight data processing systems. The calculation of the amounts to be actually invoiced is performed by a flexible rule engine. The engine enables the handling of customer specific conditions such as rebates or surcharges.

It is the only proven integrated system that is able to receive flight plan data from any ATM / ATC provider. Through stringent processing and powerful reporting tools business decisions can be accelerated. This automation leads to improved staff productivity and efficiency, accurate invoicing and a significant reduction in the billing cycle and invoice queries. The flexible and comprehensive features ensure users have complete control over the billing and flight data analysis process, enabling them to deliver a more cost effective, informed and comprehensive service to their customers and partners alike.


Aeronautical Statistics

Aeronautical statistics for enhanced operational perfomance

Operational analytics and planning is key in the current European airspace since the Single European Sky scheme requires the tracking and reporting of several KPIs from Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to Eurocontrol (EU commission 390/2013). Furthermore, with a 2.8% increase in European flights in 2018 resulting in ever more crowded airspace, managing the traffic efficiently require new tools to enhance the operations of ANSPs, to perform them: safely, ecologically and efficiently.

The ANSPs generate and receive a substantial amount of data every day. For example, ATRAK is processing circa 20 million records per day in the Czech Republic FIR alone.

By exploring operational data, ANSPs can:

  • Get a concise picture from the vast amount of operational data and to benchmark decisions
  • Enhance operational insights drawn from the data by merging it with other sources
  • Investigate what occurs in the network and which areas can be improved
  • Assess the effects of future decisions and forecast evolutions of the operations

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Business Planning & Modelling

Realise your Organisations Potential

Business Planning and Modelling (ATRAK – BPM) enables organisations and executives to make the best business decisions driven by operational data real data. Our solutions supports a full range of analytic functionality, from business dashboards to sophisticated statistical analysis.

A performance based approach for air navigation service providers is becoming increasingly apparent. Developing a unified vision for future success with the pressures facing today’s industry, it’s vital for organisations to work together to agree on a strategic vision that will give you the competitive edge. The move to more automated, predictable and cost-effective benchmarking is essential.



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System Wide Information Management

Aeronautical and Financial Information Sharing and Management for ANSPs, Airports and Airlines


System Wide Information Management (SWIM) is a modular dashboard which provides scalable information from a high-level view of your entire organisation’s key performance areas, which can be drilled down to low level detailed views.

  • Aeronautical flight data
  • Corporate financial management information
  • Planning for sectors, capacity, runway, airports, airspace, human resources, traffic flow and much more
  • Schedule mapping


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