To create a unified reporting channel for testimonies of unethical, corruptive, illegal, unsafe or environment-damaging behaviour, ATRAK a.s. member of CSG holding has created the Ethics Line which can be used by anybody to report the above-mentioned problematic behaviour in the form of sending a report to etika‌‌M‌‌
ATRAK a.s. prefers that the reports are not anonymous because as such, they pose a risk of unethical behaviour themselves and abuse the Ethics Line. However, nobody is forced to leave his/her name.
The receiver of all reports is the CSG AEROSPACE HR department. If a report is submitted by e-mail, the HR acknowledge the acceptance and inform the sender within 14 days about the steps taken. After the report has been investigated, the sender is notified about the result.
ATRAK a.s. declares that they value reasonable reports submitted to the Ethics Line. However, this does not apply to false reports submitted with the aim to unjustly accuse another person or company. Such report itself is a breach of the Code of Ethics and ATRAK´s anti-corruption program with all the associated consequences.


Definition of unethical behaviour

Unethical behaviour is behaviour that breaches both the Company's Code of Ethics, and the general notion of morally correct behaviour. You may turn to the ET-LINK management with any issue that threatens yourself, your work, colleagues, superiors or the day-to-day running of the Company.

Forms of unethical behaviour:

  • direct breach of the laws of the Czech Republic
  • suspected corruptive conduct
  • psychological or physical abuse on the part of other employees
  • bossing, ignorance, punishments
  • sexual harassment
  • work performance-related threats
  • personal safety violations
  • occupational safety violation
  • employment issues (wage fairness, working hours, promotion, premiums, business travel)
  • intentional actions aimed at impairing the Group or Company's goodwill
  • violation of economic competition rules
  • embezzlement, appropriating co-workers' ideas
  • abuse of powers
  • theft of the Company's or private property
  • misuse of the Company's assets
  • financial fraud
  • falsification of contracts
  • taking bribes
  • wasteful and non-ecological behaviour
  • defamation and dissemination of false information, intrigues
  • disclosure of confidential information